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Insulation Grants in Scotland, England

Cavity Wall Insulation Grants

With the ECO4 funding scheme, eligible individuals can benefit from free cavity wall insulation to enhance the energy efficiency of their homes. If you qualify for a qualifying benefit, you can receive a Free Cavity Wall Insulation grant that covers the entire cost of installing cavity wall insulation.

Underfloor Insulation Grants through the ECO scheme

If you are living in older houses with suspended timber floorboards, The ECO scheme offers free underfloor insulation installation to low-income households. By professionally fitted floor insulation, you could save between £125 and £220 annually on energy bills.

Fully Funded ECO4 Loft Insulation Grants!

In the UK, it is possible to get insulation grants, including loft insulation grants, to enhance the energy efficiency of properties. These grants aim to support homeowners in improving the energy efficiency of their homes. Having a loft insulation grant UK 2023 in your home is also a legal requirement. If you need clarification on whether your insulation was installed correctly, please contact one of our experts today.

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